Construction clean up


Once construction is finished it is time to clean your windows and remove all that over spray, labels, silicon, concrete, stucco and general dirt.  The contractor should usually take care of this but be warned, cleaning windows that have building debris on them is not for the amatuer or part time window cleaner!


Permenant scratches are a real possibility, If not cleaned in a safe and proper manner!  Concrete and stucco need to be removed very carefully.  We use a special chemical that softens the concrete and stucco before we take a razor blade to the glass to remove the debris that is there.


There is a second danger you have to be aware of and that is fabricating debris, which is trapped on the glass by the heat tempering process when the glass was made.  Little shards of glass are trapped on the surface and then sealed in by the heat tempering process, when a razor blade or scraper is run over the glass it picks up the shards of glass and scrapes them accross the surface leaving fine permenant scratches.  As a window cleaner that deals with new construction clean up we have our customwers sign a release form that releases us from any liability if there is any fabricating debris present.  Needless to say, we still do our best to minimise any inherrent problems by using scrapers and razer blades to the minimum degree possible.


Construction clean Up is 2 to 2 1/2 times more expensive than regular cleaning, due to the extra steps involved, but the results are well worth the extra money.  If you just do a regular clean, you will be dissatisfied with all the stuff that does not come off.


Please see link to our damage waiver form.   


For more information on fabricating debris, please see the following link: