Exterior Window Cleaning

At Sweet Water, we can use the traditional mop and squeegee approach to clean your windows or the latest Pure Water technology depending on which system will give the best results in the safest possible way.
Pure Water Fed Pole (please see attached video of water fed pole in action)
The Pure Water technology, is in my mind, the safest and generally the best way to clean exterior windows. Water is run through reverse osmosis and a Di-ionizer to create pure water, in other words, there are no dissolved solids in the water that can leave hard water spots.



 This water is then pumped through a hose and up a pole to a brush, where the water then jets out.  The operator scrubs the surface with the brush(which does not scratch), breaking the bond of the dirt and other debris from the surface.  After the surface has been thoroughly scrubbed the jetting water is then use to wash the dirty water off the glass rinsing it clean and then it is left to dry back, leaving no residue! Just pure HD glass!!

Benefits of the pure water fed pole system

  • Safety...we can clean up to thirty five feet, 3 stories, with our feet on the ground.
  • Your windows stay cleaner longer...No residue left on the glass to attract dust.  The dust is usually what spots the glass when it rains, as the dust gets moved around the glass.
  • Cheaper for you...We are faster and able to pass the savings on to you.
  • Less trampling of plants and ladder marks in your yard.
  • A green process, minimizing the use of detergents