Screen Cleaning


Clean windows are much better viewed through clean screens!

We suggest cleaning your screens once a year to remove any dust and dirt that has gathered there, let alone yard trimmings and bird muck. 

Once the screens are removed they are gathered together in order and then they are scrubbed with a brush using a special cleaning solution which is ideal for cleaning the fibre mesh and the frame.  Once wiped off and dried, they are returned to the same windows they came from.

$1.50 to $3.00 per screen


Screen repairs


We are able to make some screen repairs on site, but when it comes to bent frames or damaged screen material, we offer, as a courtesy, to drop them off at Cache Valley Glass, where they make repairs or build new screens at a very competitive rate.  Once CVG have done their work, they will then call you to inform you that they are ready. 

We do offer a drop off and pick up service which includes us re-installing the screens for $12 per screen.