I won a contest on the radio to have my windows cleaned...I was skeptical about the quality I would get. I usually clean my own windows (and hardly ever get the high ones). I was so pleased with the service I got. Paul and Mike were friendly and FAST! My kids loved watching from the inside as they cleaned the outside. They washed all the screens and my daughter thought they hadn't put them back yet because they were so clean! Thanks for a job well done!


By Bubblesprings - 07/06/2011



I called Paul in the morning, and he came the same day. He did inside, outside, and screens, did a great job, for much less than I expected


By lucky51 on 09/16/2010



Wow, I waited WAY too long to have the windows washed and I couldn't be more pleased.

I've had windows done by several different people, but this is the best job we've had done yet! Paul and Mike are very friendly and we were comfortable having them in our home. I had them wash inside and out and do the sills and screens. They removed some pretty bad hard water stains on the basement windows too. We have a lot of windows and some that are very hard to reach and high up. No problem! One works outside and the other inside on the same window. This allows them to check each others work as they go to ensure there are no streaks.

I can't believe what a difference having clean windows makes. I thought the price was very reasonable and they stuck to their quote. I'm going to have them back every quarter. I'd recommend Sweet Water Window Cleaning without reservation.


By rych10 on 07/17/2010



What a joy to have clean windows again! Now that I know Paul and Mike are so fast and professional, I will do this more often! If, within 5 days, you get mud rain on your windows, they'll come back and do them again. So nice!


by srr1963 on 06/03/2010


Excellent Service

I would recommend Sweet Water Window Cleaning to anyone. Paul was so nice to talk to and was very accommodating. He was very efficient and the job was done in no time at all. My windows look so beautiful and crystal clear. I will definitely be calling him again!


By  anniemiller on 05/04/2010


Wonderful Window Washing!

I waited too long to get my windows done, they were filthy!! After construction, putting the yard in, it was finally time to get them washed! We have many windows and some very hard to reach. It was no problem for Sweet Water Window Cleaning. They washed my windows inside and out and even came back the next morning to double check on some. I can't believe the difference, my view is now HD! I would recommend Sweet Water Window Cleaning without hesitation! I am glad I have a great window cleaning business to call when I need it.


By ekgmom5 on 06/02/2010


My kind of business!

Sweet Water did an excellent job! They were reliable, on time, the staff was professional, they did high quality work, used quality products, had competitive pricing, took the time to do it right, and had great follow up. Sweetwater is everything a good business should be, but so few actually are. Thanks Paul!


by kevjanes on 05/18/2010


Clean, green process

I am very impressed with the window cleaning process that Paul and Mike use. I love the fact that their process is so environmentally friendly. No chemicals, just purified water. I appreciate how quickly they got the job done. I was planning on doing the lower windows myself, just to save money. When I received the low quote, I was shocked and so I had them do all of my windows. Wow, what a fun time watching them do all of my windows in less than 45 minutes. It would have taken me a whole day just to do the lower windows. I also appreciate the respect that they had for my house and property. When Paul came through my house, he put protective booties on his shoes so that nothing would be tracked on my carpet. I am very excited about this company and I plan on telling my co-workers, friends and family about my experience.


by mllinton2 on 05/14/2010


A friendly chap and great window washer

 Windows were filthy and now they look great. He also washed my screens. I wished I would have had him also wash my outside shutters at the same time. My kids followed Paul around just to listen to his English accent. Thanks for entertaining my children and for making my windows spotless.


Posted by briantora on 05/10/2010


Amazing Service

 Paul does an awesome job. We had very hard water stains on our business windows and he was able to get it off and they look GREAT!! We had a bad wind, dust and rain storm and he came back the next day and washed all the windows again. No questions asked and with a smile. Thank You Paul for your wonderful customer service, as a business owner we appreciate that very much


Posted by MasterMechanic1 on 04/29/2010



I had horrible hard water and my windows were very dirty. They did an excellent job and they are now crystal clear! Very friendly and courteous, and they do an amazing job!


by boo_girl99 on 04/24/2010



This service is a great value...I will use them again!


by ablundahl on 03/23/2010


Dirty Windows

Paul did a great job. We appreciated his hard work and the time he spent on the windows.


by baygetter on 03/12/2010



Paul was fast and my windows are perfect!!


by CEaston on 11/25/2009


Exceptional Quality

I would definitely recommend Sweetwater Cleaning to anyone in Cache Valley looking for a professional window company. Paul is exceptionally personable and competitive in his rates, and my windows are crystal clear each time. Give this company a try - you won't be disappointed!


by stephlinford_ on 11/05/2009


Ballard's review

The windows look great and Paul was pleasant to work with.


by lsballard on 11/03/2009


Great job, great price

Our windows are spotless, Paul got all the hard water off and the windows haven't spotted even though it has rained. I guess it is the pure water system he uses. We are delighted with the service and the results.


by lampshade2 on 10/29/2009


Great Service

This company has great customer service and do an excellent job. They came when they said they would and were very professional. I found their rates competitive. Also I had one window that wasn't to my liking and he came right back and fixed it no problem. I will use them for my window washing from now on.


by dheninger on 09/30/2009


Great Job

Paul came out to my house and did a WONDERFUL job. He didn't miss a spot at all. Not to mention his bright personality is as refreshing as the view from my new windows. A great guy and a great job overall. I couldn't recommend him more highly!!!


by jonesmaxer on 09/25/2009


I can see out my windows again

Paul did a fabulous job. He was very thorough and professional. I didn't realize the windows were so dirty - until they were cleaned and I could see out of them again. He even took off the screens to clean the whole window, and cleaned the dormer windows which most people just overlook.


by bzmomma3 on 09/18/2009



Wow - What a great job. I could not be happier with my windows. He paid such attention to the details. Even driving by our home you can see a HUGE difference- Thanks Paul!!


by ontheavenue on 09/16/2009