Trim Painting

Cracking and pealing is not good for the life of your trim.  If left unprotected it can lead to to all sorts of problems, let alone being unsightly. 

We can fix this for you at a fraction of the cost of eventual replacement.  Using hard waring coatings that will restore the look of your wood work.

Preperation consists of a combination of hand and power sanding, removing all the flaking paint.  Holes are filled and cracks are caulked.  All hard ware is masked off and weather stripping is removed.

We use a Solid stain as the coating of choice which is specially formulated to penetrate the wood offering better adhesion and a longer life, upto 6 years.

All bare wood is painted first and then two full coats are applied to the entire surface, giving a minimum of 3 coats of protection for your wood work.  Our exterior painting is gaurunteed for 3 years.