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Window Cleaning Logan, Utah


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Full Service Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning in Logan, UT

Sweet Water Window Cleaning is your PREMIER Window Cleaner in Cache Valley for over 10 years now.  We are a local, family owned and operated company based in Logan, UT that strives for the absolute BEST CUSTOMER CARE, and CLEANEST WINDOWS in the industry.  We are committed to providing you with the service and satisfaction that you can only get from a local, family-owned company.

Our Core Principles

Hard Work

We give 100% and we treat each home with that attitude. No cutting corners here.

Continual Improvement

We continually seek to improve, to be the best we can be.


We are honest, and follow through with our commitments, what we say we’ll do, we do.

Customer Care

We treat each customer with respect, you are a person to us, not a number.

Window Washing Service in Logan, Utah

See What Some of Our Customers in and Around Logan, UT Are Saying

  • They were AWESOME! They were very professional and on time. Did an excellent job, windows looked great and even talked to me about a hard water stained window. They told me about what they were going to do and got the hard water off!! Thank you!!

    Ryan Young Avatar Ryan Young
    August 7, 2023

    The team that showed up were fast and thorough. Great job, great price.

    Eden Jones Avatar Eden Jones
    May 18, 2021

    Scheduled an appointment but had to reschedule because it rained. Got a new appointment within two days. Guys showed up on time, did a great job.

    Valerie Bosworth Avatar Valerie Bosworth
    June 21, 2022
  • Sweet Water Window Cleaning was so great. They showed up and got to work, cleaning both the inside and the outside of all the windows in my home. This was a birthday gift from my husband and I had no idea they were coming. What a great surprise. I have wanted to clean the windows since Mother's Day and I'm glad I waited for the professionals. I'm making this service a yearly treat!

    Dawn Johnson Avatar Dawn Johnson
    August 11, 2021

    They showed up on time and explained how things would work then got the job done quickly. The windows are crystal clear and screens cleaned and replaced. High quality work with a professional attitude.

    Bob Washburn Avatar Bob Washburn
    August 9, 2021

    Sweet Water was amazing! They came on short notice to clean 39 windows on my old Victorian before I sold it. The party’s so much attention to detail, were very friendly, and the cost was so reasonable! My only regret is that I didn’t call them five years ago so I could have been enjoying the sparkling views for years!

    Emily Heaton Avatar Emily Heaton
    August 13, 2020

Full Service Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Exterior Window Cleaners

At Sweet Water, we can use the traditional mop and squeegee approach to clean your windows or the latest Pure Water technology depending on which system will give the best results in the safest possible way.

The Pure Water technology is the safest and best way to clean exterior windows. Water is run through reverse osmosis and a Di-ionizer to create pure water — there are no dissolved solids in the water that can leave hard water spots. 

The water is then pumped through a hose and up a pole to a brush, where the water then jets out. The operator scrubs the surface with the brush (which does not scratch), breaking the bond of the dirt and other debris from the surface. After the surface has been thoroughly scrubbed, the jetting water is then used to wash the dirty water off the glass, rinsing it clean and then left to dry back, leaving no residue! Just pure HD glass!! Our process and gives you the cleanest windows in the most consistent way. 

Benefits of the pure water fed pole system:

  • Safety…we can clean up to thirty five feet, 3 stories, with our feet on the ground.
  • Your windows stay cleaner longer… No residue left on the glass to attract dust. The dust is usually what spots the glass when it rains, as the dust gets moved around the glass.
  • Cheaper for you… We are faster and able to pass the savings on to you.
  • Less trampling of plants and ladder marks in your yard.
  • A green process, minimizing the use of detergents and harsh chemicals and is safer for the environment.

Interior Window Cleaners

When you have Sweet Water clean the interior as well as the exterior of the windows, the difference is remarkable. It increases the clarity of the view by about fifty percent. Gone is the filmy haze, the fly mess and old window cleaning streaks left from the last time they were cleaned by someone who does not know how to get that “professional clean” result.

When we enter your home we wear booties to cover our shoes, a towel is placed under the cleaning solution bucket, and towels are placed under the windows and doors we are working on.


    Frequently Asked Window Cleaning Questions (FAQs)

    How long does a window cleaning take?

    This depends largely on the size of the home and what you are wanting done. The average home has about 20 windows. If you are wanting the interior & exterior done, it will take a team of three about an hour. Exterior only would only take about 45 minutes. A larger home with about 30-40 windows will take a team of three about 2-2.5 hours to do interior and exterior. Exterior only would take about an hour.

    Do I need to be home for the appointment?

    We’d prefer to have you home. That way we can walk you around the home and you can see the great work we did! It’s also easier when screens need to be removed.

    Do we clean window tracks?

    Yes, we do! We also offer deep track cleaning services.

    What if it rains?

    We keep an eye on the weather and are willing to reschedule if needed.

    Is your company insured?

    Yes, we are!

    What locations do you cover?

    We cover all of Cache, Box Elder and Franklin Counties for window washing services, we also go to the Bear Lake area.

    How long have you been cleaning windows?

    Sweet Water Window Cleaning has been serving the great people of Northern Utah/Southern Idaho since 2010.

    How often should I clean my windows?

    Twice a year is preferred. This prevents hard water spots and in the long run saves you money. 

    Do you wash the screens?


    How can I pay for my service?

    We prefer checks, or credit cards.

    Do you remove hard water spots?

    Yes, we do! We use a special product to remove those hard water spots from windows.

    Do you offer construction clean-up?

    Yes, we can remove any silicon or paint or other difficult product that is on the windows from construction.

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